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KareLite® 3D Pushblock

KareLite® 3D Pushblock

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Compatible with table saws, router tables, band saws, and jointers.

Never operate a table saw without it.

The WoodyLock® 3D Pushblock is meticulously designed to ensure precise cuts and safeguard your hands throughout. Offering unparalleled precision, control, and safety, no other pushblock compares. Effortlessly tackle challenging cuts and minimize kickback risks.


Three directions of force.

Three directions of force ensure crucial stability, enhancing precision, safety, and control.

  • Downward pressure stabilizes the workpiece on a flat surface.
  • Inward pressure against the fence virtually eliminates kickback.
  • Forward pressure feeds stock consistently through the cut to prevent burning and blade marks.


Effectively prevents kickback when using table saws.

Kickback happens when the workpiece deviates from the fence and becomes trapped between the saw blade and the fence. The rear teeth of the blade seize the workpiece, turning it into a hazardous projectile. The key to preventing kickback is to retain control of your workpiece throughout the entire cut.

WoodyLock® applies downward and inward pressure, ensuring both sides of the cut remain parallel to the blade. This prevents the workpiece from wandering away from the rip fence, effectively eliminating kickback.


Router Tables

The WoodyLock® 3D Pushblock offers exceptional control over your workpiece when using the router table. Whether you're utilizing the fence or performing freehand routing, its robust grip manages stock and shields your hands from hazardous spinning bits.

GRR-RIPPER 3D Pushblock

Table Saws

The WoodyLock® 3D Pushblock is designed specifically for the table saw. It serves as a mobile blade guard, ensuring your hands are protected from the saw blade throughout the entire cut. Straight from the box, the WoodyLock® 3D Pushblock can handle stock as small as ¼” x ¼”. With its 3-directional control, your cuts will be cleaner and more precise.

GRR-RIPPER 3D Pushblock

Product Size (L x W x H): 21.5 x 14.00 x 12.50 cm / 8.6 x 5.5 x 4.73 inches
Color: Yellow
Use: Woodworking tool
DIY Supplies: Woodworking
Style: Base
Suitable for: Table saw, band saw, flip engraving machine, flip electric circle.

1. 3-Directional force for unmatched control of the work piece.
2. Moving blade guard hand protection.
3. Precise 1/4" thin rips.
4. Virtually eliminates kickback on table saws.
5. Versatility: Work with small stock safely on the table saw, router table, jointer, and band saw.
6. It can be angled and adjusted for your comfort and control.
7. Don't use a table saw without it.

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