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5 Piece Forstner Drill Bit Set

5 Piece Forstner Drill Bit Set

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Exceptional Timber Drilling Performance

Forstner Drill Bits stand out as the premier option for wood drilling, consistently delivering smooth and clean holes, even across cross-grain and angled drilling.

An essential addition to every woodworker's workshop!

  • Smooth and Clean Boring: Engineered for woodworking, guided by the rim of the bit rather than the center point, ensuring clean edges even on through holes.
  • Drill Overlapping Holes: Forstner bits excel at drilling overlapping holes, making them particularly useful for mortises. Drill the holes and refine with a chisel for optimal results!
  • Drill Into Angled Sides: Easily drill vertically into angled timber or the edge of the material using a Forstner bit and a drill press, simplifying hole alignment and spacing compared to other drill bits.
  • Cost-Effective: Save significantly on your purchase with a set of Forstner bits, catering to beginners starting out or craftsmen expanding their toolkit.
  • Versatile Usage: Compatible with all types of timber, including softwoods, hardwoods, MDF, plywood, and particle board.
  • Durable: Equipped with a heat-resistant Teflon coating to prevent the buildup of sawdust, resin, and pitch. It's advised to proceed slowly as they heat up quicker than regular drill bits.
  • Wide Application: From mortises and hinge holes to crafting projects like tealight candle holders and salt & pepper holders, the possibilities are limitless!

Set Includes 5 Unique Bits

Cutting Diameter: 15mm, 20mm, 25mm, 30mm, 35mm


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