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KareLite® Auto Trim Removal Kit

KareLite® Auto Trim Removal Kit

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Grab this comprehensive all-in-one tool kit designed for all your auto trimming requirements.

Need assistance with removing or installing your car's stereo system?

Perhaps you're tackling door panels, moldings, window trims, or other automotive accessories. Typically, automotive shops charge for such services and may require several days for completion.

However, in the convenience of your own garage, you can undertake these modifications yourself, saving both time and money.

Auto Trim Removal Kit

What makes the WoodyLock® Auto Trim Removal Tool Kit indispensable?

This tool kit facilitates smooth removal of doors, bike tires, dashboards, and more, without causing damage to your car.

You can effortlessly utilize the equipment to remove your car's audio device, moldings, panels, clips, emblems, window trim, and various other components.

It serves as the ideal tool for removing any exterior or interior accessory.

Why choose our WoodyLock® Auto Trim Removal Tool Kit? Will it accommodate your vehicle? 

This professional-grade kit comprises 38 pieces of tools tailored to meet various trimming needs, along with 190 clips in 6 popular sizes. These clips are suitable for door trim, radiator shield yoke, fender, bumper, and splash shield retainers commonly found in Ford, GM, Chrysler, Toyota, Honda, and more.

Crafted from premium-grade nylon materials, all components are wear-resistant, impact-resistant, and robust enough to disassemble a variety of panels.

Featuring an ergonomic and super lightweight design, the hand-held tool allows for easy disassembly of car interiors, ultimately saving time and energy.

Additionally, the kit comes equipped with a storage bag made of high-quality cloth. This portable design ensures convenient transportation of the tools while neatly storing them without occupying excessive space.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Question: Are these tools better than screwdrivers for prying?
Answer: Yes, these trim removal kits are safer to pry-open your exteriors and interiors, these kits prevent any scratches and damages that a metal screwdriver can cause because of its hardness and shape.

Question: What is the usage of each tool?
Answer: Each tool has different special usage, for exterior and interior, car stereo and others.

Trim Removal Tools - Designed for the installation and removal of car stereo, door and window trim, moldings, panels, emblems, and both interior and exterior car trims.

  • Stereo Removal Tools: Designed for the removal of car audio/stereo head units.
  • 2 in 1 Clip Plier: Versatile tool suitable for various types of round and square clips, fasteners, and plastic rivets.
  • Fastener Removal Tool: Effectively removes various stubborn fasteners or nails without causing damage.
  • U-shape Radio Removal Tool: Enables quick extraction of the radio from the panel.
  • Precision Pick and Hook Set: Ideal for assembly, repair, or removal of small parts and rubber seals.
  • Wire Terminal Removal Tool: Allows for adding a new wire and maintaining the factory original harness and plug for electronic devices without causing damage.
  • Wire Threader: Enables quick and accurate line threading.
  • Sticker Scraper: Easily removes films and stickers.

💡 Tip: To prolong the life of these tools, do not store in direct sunlight.

📦 Package (38PCS+190PCS) include:

11PCS Trim Removal Tools
1PCS Trim Clip Removal Pliers
1PCS Car Foil Small Scraper Tool
2PCS upholstery fastener remover
4 PCS precision hook pick
8 PCS stainless steel stereo removal tools
11PCS stainless steel Auto Terminal

190PCS buckle kit

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