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KareLite® Clamping Squares 90/45 Degree Corner Clamps (6 pcs)

KareLite® Clamping Squares 90/45 Degree Corner Clamps (6 pcs)

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Woodworking 45 and 90 Degree Right Angle Clamps Aluminum Alloy Positioning Clamping Square Corner Clamp Auxiliary Fixture Splicing Board Positioning Panel Fixed Clip Carpenter Square Ruler.


Material: Aluminum Alloy
Angle: 45 Degrees and 90 Degrees
Surface Treatment: Anodized
Scale: Laser

1. New design for right angle corner clamp and 45-degree angle clamp, perfect for both 45 and 90 degrees.
2. Made of aluminum alloy, durable to use, earn a long service life.
3. Strong clamping force, make sure stable wood clamping.
4. Laser scale for easy reading and measuring.
5. Max clamping is up to 60mm, perfect for different wood clamping meets.





【 High-Quality Material
2pcs Triangular Fixtures made of precise aluminum alloy and 4pcs Clamps made of Stainless steel. Surface anodized red treatment, durable and resistant to corrosion, will last for many years.




【Pro Woodworking Clamping Tool】
Designed to be clamped to most kinds of boxes to assist with squaring during glue-up. It can work with a clamping tool to check and position the corner for wood board jointing to gluing up or welding at a right angle. A very practical tool to make your woodworking project easier.





【Easy To Use】
Perfect 90°/45° Corners, easy to handle and won't damage fragile cutting edges, only to place a square in the corner of the two stock pieces to square and secure with a set of clamps, professional Woodworking Tools for assembly frames, cabinets, and boxes. The carpentry right angle square set can be used to assemble and DIY by clamping boxes, drawers, shelf cabinets, frames, furniture cabinets, etc. Maintain a perfect 90-degree angle while assembling frames, cabinets, or just about any box. It also can be used as clamping tool to check and position the corner for wood board jointing and gluing.



【Practical Degree Positioning Squares】
Durable, clear scale, high hardness, not easy to rust, easy to fix, suitable for more workpieces. Easy to carry, easy to operate, and will not damage the edges. Suitable for wood, right angle of metal 90-degree welding, etc.




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