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KareLite® Dowel Making Jig - 8 Hole

KareLite® Dowel Making Jig - 8 Hole

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Elevate your woodworking skills with our Adjustable Dowel Maker Jig!

Discover unparalleled precision and efficiency with our Adjustable Dowel Maker Jig. Meticulously crafted using premium materials and innovative design, this tool is ideal for both woodworking enthusiasts and professionals, ensuring exceptional results every time.

Create wood dowels faster and more efficiently.

This dowel maker, equipped with an indexable carbide cutter, simplifies and accelerates the process of creating wood dowels. It is suitable for use with both softwood and hardwood.


NOTE: Please make sure to install tightly before use!!


  • Adjustable Design: Easily customize the jig to produce dowels of different sizes, ranging from 8mm to 20mm in diameter.
  • Durable Construction: Crafted from sturdy materials, ensuring durability and reliability for prolonged use.
  • Easy to Use: Simply attach the jig to your workpiece and guide your drill through the accurately machined holes for precise dowel creation.
  • Versatile Compatibility: Works with most standard electric drills, allowing you to utilize your preferred power tool.
  • Efficient and Time-Saving: With this jig, you can swiftly create accurate dowels, effectively reducing time spent on woodworking tasks.


  • Precision Dowel Creation: Easily achieve consistent and flawless dowels, improving the overall quality of your woodworking projects.
  • Versatile Applications: Perfect for a wide range of woodworking tasks including furniture making, cabinet construction, and more.
  • Cost-Effective Solution: Save money by producing your own dowels rather than purchasing pre-made ones.
  • Improved Efficiency: The adjustable design and user-friendly functionality streamline dowel creation, boosting your productivity.

Why Choose Our Dowel Maker Jig :

  • 8-Hole Design for Versatile Usage
  • Lightweight & Portable for Easy Handling
  • Premium Quality & Durability Ensured
  • Easy to Use & Efficient Operation
  • Saves Time & Money

Select our Dowel Maker Jig for an unparalleled dowel-making process, offering precision, convenience, and outstanding value.

High Speed Carbide Inserts Dowel Maker


  • Material: Aluminum Alloy
  • Product Weight: 360g
  • Blade Type: Carbide Blade
  • Hole Diameter: 8mm(0.315"), 9mm(0.354"), 10mm(0.394"), 12mm(0.472"), 15mm(0.591"), 16mm(0.63"), 18mm(0.709"), 20mm(0.787")
  • Blade Size: 15 x 15 x 2.5 30°R150
  • Product size: 85 x 51 x 80mm(3.35 x 2 x 3.15 in)

 Package Includes:

1 x Dowel Maker Jig

1 x Blade Wrench (T20)

1 x Adjustment Wrench (5 mm)

3 x Fix Screws

1x User Manual

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