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KareLite® Precision Auto-Line Drill Guide

KareLite® Precision Auto-Line Drill Guide

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For those who struggle to drill straight holes without a drill press, the WoodyLock® Auto-Line Drill Guide is the solution. Unlike traditional methods, this innovative tool ensures your drill bit remains perfectly perpendicular while drilling, regardless of the workpiece's size or location. What sets it apart is its versatile base and fence system, which simplifies the process of keeping your hole locations accurate and on target. Whether you're working with large plywood pieces, installed cabinets, or any hard-to-reach areas, the WoodyLock® Auto-Line Drill Guide is here to make your drilling tasks hassle-free and precise.


The Aluminum Alloy WoodyLock® Precision Auto-Line Drill Guide Puncher is a mini bench drill press that provides precise positioning for hole drilling tasks. Equipped with a 1/4" hex shaft, it can be used with cordless and corded drills, as well as impact drivers. This drill guide features a keyed chuck, tapered depth control shaft and stop-collar, spring return, reversible chuck carrier, built-in v-groove, alignment lines, and adjustable fence. Its design aims to facilitate easier, straighter, and more accurate drilling into wood materials.

The Auto-Line drill guide comes with extension rods and flip stops, catering to diverse drilling requirements. Its fence is adaptable, capable of being mounted on any of the four sides of the square base. Moreover, the fence offers flexibility in orientation. For instance, it can be utilized to re-reference against the edge of a board. Furthermore, the fence can be reversed to maximize its range.

Woodpeckers Auto-Line Drill Guide Fence

The new tool ensures your drill bit remains perfectly perpendicular during drilling, but it doesn't stop there. We've incorporated a versatile base and fence system to effortlessly maintain precise hole locations.

Woodpeckers Auto-Line Drill Guide Fence Range

DIY ENHANCEMENT: This positioning fixture boasts a larger de-coring device for faster and smoother drilling, making it more labor-saving and boosting work efficiency. It's a woodworking positioning tool ideal for edges, surfaces, T-shaped and L-shaped joints, perfect for quick furniture assembly, woodworking DIY, and more.

Size Details:

Material: Aluminum alloy structure and Stainless steel
Size: 8cm x 8cm x 25cm/3.15" x 3.15" x 9.84" 
Weight:1500g= 3.3lb
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