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KareLite® SpeedStrip Pro

KareLite® SpeedStrip Pro

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SpeedStrip Pro

✔︎ WORK SMARTER: Save valuable time and effort by effortlessly stripping wires ranging from 24 AWG to 0 AWG. With the SpeedStrip Pro, you can quickly strip solid and stranded wires, making all DIY projects quick and easy. No more struggling with manual stripping or utility knives!

✔︎ VERSATILITY ON THE GO: Designed with the DIY enthusiast in mind, this handheld wire stripping machine offers exceptional portability, allowing you to take your wire stripping capabilities anywhere you need them. Whether you're working in your workshop, garage, or even on the go, the SpeedStrip Pro™ ensures you have the tools to handle various wire sizes and types with ease.

✔︎ OPTIMIZE YOUR COPPER RECOVERY: With the SpeedStrip Pro™, you'll experience superior copper recovery and peeling results. By using this advanced wire stripping tool, you can efficiently extract valuable copper from insulated wires, contributing to both your environmental efforts and potential financial gains. Enjoy the satisfaction of maximizing the value of your scrap wire collection!


✔︎ WIDE RANGE OF WIRE COMPATIBILITY: Thanks to its blade depth adjustment feature, the SpeedStrip Pro™ allows you to easily adapt to different wire sizes. Simply adjust the blade depth for optimal stripping performance, ensuring a smooth and precise process. Say goodbye to struggles with thicker wires, as this tool empowers you to handle a wide range of wire gauges with confidence!

SpeedStrip Pro



  • Material: S2 High Alloy Steel + ABS
  • Product size: 4-5/16" (11cm) x 2-13/16" (7cm) x 2-13/32" (6cm)


  • 1 x  WoodyLock® SpeedStrip Pro + 10 x blades
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