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KareLite® Template & Flush Trim Double Bearing Router Bits - 1/2" Shank

KareLite® Template & Flush Trim Double Bearing Router Bits - 1/2" Shank

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Time Saving and Versatility - All In One Bit

Template guided pattern work is one of the most common routing applications and these router bits perform perfectly with the template above or below your workpiece.


A Staple Bit for Template and Flush Trimming 

Saves You Time - With an upper and lower guide bearing you can choose which side to mount your pattern on for maximum efficiency.

Easily raise or lower the bit to use top, bottom or both bearings, this allows you to quickly flip your workpiece instead of changing bits when working with grain sensitive material.

Wide Application - Can be used for template work to make duplicates of curved workpieces as well as flush trimming of shelf edges, veneer or laminates. 

Durable - Heat resistant Teflon coating prevents the build up of sawdust, resin and pitch.

Versatile - Can be used on all types of timbers - Softwoods, Hardwoods, MDF, Plywood and Particle Board.



Material - Body: Tungsten Cobalt Alloy
Material - Blades: C3 Micro-Grain Tungsten Carbide
Shank Diameter: 1/2"
Cutting Lengths: 13/16", 1" and 2-1/2"
Overall Length: 3", 3-3/16" and 4-23/32" 

Can the guide bearings be removed?
-Yes, both the top and bottom guide bearing is removable. This can come in handy when working with stock thicker than the cutting length of the router bit.

For example, a 4" thick workpiece can be successfully trimmed by removing the top bearing from the 2-1/2" bit and trimming to over half way by following the template with the bottom bearing. The top bearing can then be re-attached and the workpiece flipped allowing the top guide bearing to run along the already trimmed section, completing the trimming process.


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