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KareLiteĀ® 45Ā° Lock Miter Router Bit - 1/4" Shank

KareLiteĀ® 45Ā° Lock Miter Router Bit - 1/4" Shank

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šŸ”Ø FOR WOODWORKERS: Master the craft of creating drawers, boxes, or hollow columns with ease using the 45-Degree Lock Miter Router Bit with a 1/4" Shank!

This tool's interlocking 45Ā° cut ensures exceptionally strong joints, preventing shifting when clamped. With its optimal shear angle and extra-thick tips, expect precision and longevity unmatched in cutting life, fulfilling all your woodworking needs.

āœ… After purchasing the product, you will receive detailedĀ Step-by-StepĀ set up instructions

45-degree Lock Miter Router Bit


  • IDEAL FOR DIY PROJECTS: Helps create attractive decorative edging that gives a unique finish to every workpiece like furniture and decorations.
  • LONG-LASTING: The fully hardened steel shank provides ultimate durability.
  • PRECISE, CLEAN CUTS: Its high hook and shear angles allow cutters to slice smoothly into stock, producing clean, splinter-free cuts.
  • TIME-SAVING: Guaranteed to save both your time and energy when doing home improvement or store construction.
  • VERSATILE: Suitable for solid wood, particleboard, MDF plywood, etc.
  • WIDE APPLICATION: Great for making a wood drawer, window, cupboard, or other woodworking projects.
  • SUPERIOR QUALITY: Made of high-quality materials with a heat-resistant Teflon coating to prevent the building-up of sawdust, resin, and pitch.
  • EXCELLENT GIFT IDEA: This makes a wonderful gift for every woodworking enthusiast because it is very easy to operate.
45-degree Lock Miter Router Bit

How it works

Lock Miter bits are engineered to craft corner joints at a precise 90Ā° angle, minimizing the visibility of the joint's apex. This particular joint simplifies the assembly of boxes and larger carcass workpieces, while notably bolstering joint strength by expanding the gluing surface area.

One workpiece is positioned vertically while the other is aligned horizontally against the fence.

To set up, acquire scrap timber of the same thickness as your intended workpiece and align the center line of the bit with that of the workpieces. Run both workpieces and assemble them together.

If you frequently use that thickness of timber, save the scrap for quicker and easier setup next time. These bits necessitate use in a router table with a fence.


  • Body Material: Solid Hardened Steel HSS
  • Blade Material: Industrial-Grade Nano Grain Carbide
  • Feature: Anti-kickback Design
  • Shank Size: 1/4"
  • Cutting Diameter: 1-3/8" or 2"Ā Ā (according to the set ordered)
  • Cutting Length: 1/2" or 3/4"(according to the set ordered)


As a seasoned home builder, I've used many tools, but the WoodyLock stands out. It consistently delivers precise, clean cuts, resulting in unparalleled joint strength.

What impresses me most is its superior quality, a testament to its durability. This tool has become a game-changer in my toolkit, proving itself to be indispensable. To anyone serious about their craftsmanship, this tool isn't a choice - it's a necessity - Derek B

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